Our Six-Step Process

The CWS Advice Process

Client Advice Process Description
Our structured, six-step client advice process enables us to provide our clients with a detailed assessment of their current situation as well as a comprehensive, prioritized plan targeted to fulfill their purpose and achieve their goals. We provide both initial and ongoing guidance so that our clients are able to see their progress and make refinements as necessary due to changes in their own situation or to adjust to changes in market conditions.

Introduction Interview
The purpose of the Introductory Interview is to determine if your needs and our process are compatible. Usually lasting about 20 minutes, we discuss, in a very broad sense, what you are trying to achieve and offer overview of how we work with clients. If we determine that we have a good basis for working together, we will set a time for the Discovery Meeting.

Discovery Meeting
The Discovery Meeting is where we discuss, in detail, everything about your financial life. We talk about your goals, relationships, financial history, attitudes about investing, current financial situation, risk management, taxes, estate planning, and any other special planning needs. We review statements, tax returns, insurance, and other relevant documents. By the end of the meeting, our goal is to fully understand everything we need to know to put together a comprehensive strategy to help you meet your goals.

Planning Meeting
During the Planning Meeting, we discuss your proposed investment strategy, asset allocation, estate, retirement, or insurance planning. We talk about expectations and priorities as well as an implementation process for moving forward. Our goal is for you to have a good understanding of the overall strategy and give you time to review and consider all recommendations before we implement any changes.

The next step is to begin implementing our plan. We complete new account forms, initiate the transfer process, and review any concerns or questions that you may have. We discuss what to expect as to the timing of everything happening, paperwork that will be generated, and follow-up. Finally, we set an appointment for approximately 45 days out to review everything that has happened as well as all paperwork, confirmations, and statements.

New Client Orientation
During New Client Orientation, we review everything we have done. We go over all of the paperwork you have received so far. We review any confirmations and statements and show you what you should keep for your records and what you can discard. We also review the status of any account transfers and implementation of new strategies/allocations. We show you how to access your account online. Finally, we answer any questions or concerns you may have. At the conclusion of this meeting, you should know exactly what to expect from us and hopefully will feel very comfortable discussing all aspects of your financial life.

Progress Review
Our final step is one that is ongoing. It is our Progress Review. This will be repeated for the remainder of our relationship. We discuss other aspects of your financial life, from retirement, insurance and estate planning to family and business issues. We review what has happened over the past few months in the investment markets, our thoughts going forward, as well as any changes that should be implemented. We want to be fully involved in all decisions involving your financial life going forward.