Business Philosophy

I believe that . . .

  • Honesty and integrity guide everything we do. Our only agenda is our client’s agenda. We examine every decision and recommendation through this lens. 
  • We take a comprehensive approach to our clients’ needs and help them achieve their goals using every available resource. We have a broad network of professionals that help us address client financial issues.
  • Successful client relationships begin with listening. That is why we spend time throughout the relationship, especially at the beginning, asking many questions that enable us to fully understand our clients’ situation, concerns, and vision for their future.
  • Financial planning is a process, not an event. That is why we insist on periodic client meetings to review and discuss changes in your lives, goals, and risk tolerance as well as progress toward your goals.
  • We believe that ongoing communication is critical. We reach out to clients periodically with e-mails and telephone calls to update them on changes that may impact their investments, taxes, or other planning decisions. In addition, we encourage them to call us as questions or needs arise.
  • We understand that our clients are busy with their lives and rely on us to provide solid, knowledgeable guidance. Therefore, we must stay current on issues and regulations that may impact our clients (e.g., Roth IRA conversions, estate and income tax reform).
  • We may not be appropriate for everyone. Our clients take a long-term approach to investing and prefer to delegate investment research and decisions to someone they trust.