Who Our Clients Are

We have found that the clients we best serve are typically 50+ years old and are either married or widowed. They currently have or will have $800,000 or more of investable assets and would be considered “savers.” Our clients usually have a pleasant personality, are easy to get along with, and are willing to delegate responsibility. Most important, they care about their financial future.

Our clients have many concerns regarding their financial lives. However, their biggest concerns are usually centered on four areas:

  1. Will I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life, whether or not health issues arise?
  2. Will I be able to provide a meaningful legacy for my children or grandchildren or organizations I care about?
  3. Do I have all of my financial bases covered?
  4. Finally, how can I enjoy my life without worrying about achieving my goals?

Our clients also face many challenges in their financial lives. First of all, they may not be appropriately diversified, not only as to stocks/bonds/cash but also within each of these areas. Even though they have several different funds, experience has shown there may be considerable overlap in the fund holdings.

Secondly, the abundance of conflicting information can create confusion, leading to frustration for many clients. They don’t know who or what to believe.

Sometimes emotion takes over, hindering clients’ ability to make sound investment decisions. They may not feel comfortable investing until after they see the markets going up for a while or they may feel fearful of investing when the market has been going down. They erroneously believe that rising markets will continue to rise and declining markets will continue to decline. History has shown that markets fluctuate and that what happened yesterday may not happen again tomorrow!

Another of the many challenges our clients face has to do with estate planning. They want to make sure not only that they are able to minimize taxes but also that their money goes to their intended beneficiaries. Clients believe this is important, but they are not sure how to begin establishing their plan.

We have worked with literally hundreds of clients for almost 20 years and have experienced many investment market cycles. We understand that clients want to make sure their money outlives them. We help our clients:

  • Make sure their portfolios are properly diversified
  • Ensure that their money is protected from predators and creditors so that it will go to their desired beneficiaries
  • Address their life and long-term care needs
  • Review their employer-provided retirement plan to ensure the asset allocation matches their overall investment plan

Because of our comprehensive approach to our clients' financial lives, they see that all of the different pieces are working together and that their investment, retirement, insurance, and estate plans are coordinated. Our clients are able to go about their lives with confidence in their ability to pursue their long-term financial goals.